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Blonde, fast, and extremely lethal, Stacey Hanson, the curvaceous private eye and seasoned race-car driver, is commissioned by the affluent Florence Chambers to investigate her family's close members who inhabit her mansion. To be included in the will, nephew, John, the stunning brunette, Tish, and Florence's grand-niece, Pamela, must all be worthy of the Chambers' name; however, as Stacey starts digging deep, the suspicions will be justified. Can they keep their skeletons in the closet?
The sleazy and dangerous adventures of a gorgeous female private detective.
Sidaris jumped on a bandwagon here. He just made everybody white instead.<br/><br/>Stacey, Stacey, Stacey, you are one gorgeous lady.<br/><br/>She&#39;s also a decent actress and played the strong feminine heroine perfectly. She wasn&#39;t aloof or self-righteous about it. And the action scenes were realistic as well. Or at least as realistic as the budget allowed.<br/><br/>The obvious obsession with her breasts was actually done with semi-realism as well. And showing her with her boyfriend, working and playing with him, while at the same time letting him look good, was VERY different.<br/><br/>A feminist heroine we can all respect.
TITLE: STACEY was released in theaters on April 1 1973 starring Anitra Ford, Anne Randell, and Alan Landers. The time to watch this movie is 81 minutes.<br/><br/>SUMMARY: Superwoman in detective guise, the inimitable Stacey solves family murder caper involving adultery and a large inheritance. The lovely Stacey (played by ex-Playboy pin-up Anne Randall), is hired by wealthy matriarch Marjorie Bennett to unravel web of lies and deceit spun by her entourage of sleazy servants and randy relatives, all vying for inheritance honors. Stacey and her sidekick (Alan Landers) soon discover elaborate (and equally confusing) plots to frame certain members of the family for the murder of a blackmailing minion. There&#39;s plenty of characters in this plot. First, the lovely and gorgeous Anitra ford who played the role of Tish Chambers. Then there was Cristine Ranies who played the role of Pamela Chambers. Then there also Matt and Luke. When Stacey gets to place of hired several members of the family who would do nothing to see the other one in trouble with the law greet her. We start with Tish who&#39;s sleeping with both Matt and Luke. However, Matt started to take pictures of him and Tish making love with a hidden camera. Tish finds out about but there&#39;s nothing she can do about it.<br/><br/>QUESTIONS: Who Hired Stacey? What was Stacey hired for? What did Stacey Find out about the family members? What was on the film that Stacey found? <br/><br/>MY THOUGHTS: If wasn&#39;t for all the nude scenes in this movie you could this movie was kind of boring. However starting with Anne Randell this movie was more than just boring. Anne was excellent in her role as Stacey and they plenty of shots of her beautiful body. Then you have Anitra Ford who was excellent in her role as Tish Chambers and they showed her beautiful body. Base on the drama, action, and shots of Anne Randell and Anitra Ford I give this movie 10 weasel stars

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