Ranzus Momo Blades Admin replied

239 weeks ago

I need a list of players who are ready for SCoB so we can start setting you up with a Static group.

In-game (Name)
What is your class (Main class and Sub Class)
What is (Your ilvl for Main Class and Sub Class)
What is (Your experience level with SCoB - Second Coil of Bahamut, example: How far in the turns have you gotten)
What is (Your available time, Example: Your time zone and hours during the day/evening you usually play at)

Please reply with information below.

Thank you!
Can't mess with the HOTNESS!!

Etna Torne Members replied

239 weeks ago

Etna Torne
I97/ i95
Cleared 6 and 7 numerous times. Knowledgeable on all of T8
M-F 6 pm to midnight EST and any time on weekends barring any plans

Karni Admin replied

239 weeks ago

Karni Springfield
T6/t7 clears and know t8 mechanics
Available whenever just hit me up

DENATH Members replied

239 weeks ago

Denath Swiftblade
practicing T6
Available Evenings

Zellgadus Admin replied

239 weeks ago

Zellgadus Kinn
Monk/Dragoon, Paladin/Scholar
i96/i94, i91/i90
T6/T7 Clears know all of t8

Eastern GMT -4
Available everyday after 7pm. Friday/Saturday nights however is up in the air. Sometimes I'll make it some other days not.

Caoimhe Members replied

239 weeks ago

Caoimhe Hunterguard
On and still learning T6
Mon-Sat 6:30pm to midnight EST

Satsu the Brave Raid Leaders replied

239 weeks ago

Sastujiro Tenken

best freaking sch on this side of eorzea LMFAO ^_^

i96 pretty much just waiting on coil drops. exp up to t8 although i've never cleared t7 >_> figure that one out lol.

usually available after 9pm central

Yophill Raid Leaders replied

239 weeks ago

Yophill Sylph
Dragoon i96, Warrior i92
Exp of turns 6 and 7
3pm to 11 pm now
1 am to 7 am starting jun 30

Alexistic replied

226 weeks ago

Alex Kaka
WHM i92 SCH i90 BRD i90 BLM i87
T5 Progress
my work schedule is sporadic.. but
Mon-Fri - After 7pm-11pm PST
Sat-Sun - 9am-11am PST sometimes 7pm-11pm PST
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